Some words about the company
The circus/theatre company Bombinoff was formed in 2012 when Matthieu Cheveau, after finishing his professional training in circus and theatre at the CAU in Granada, decided to create his own company. After having worked alone as Mati Mindundi, and with different companies like “El diente de Oro”, “Trampolín del Sur” and “Los Estupendos Estúpidos” among others, he felt the need to find his own artistic language by creating his own street show. Specialist in juggling, gestural theatre, tap-dancing and object manipulation, he created “Frizzante, ma non troppo” in which he attempts to fuse all these techniques.
Bombinoff circus/theatre was born above all out of the need to create an interactive, direct, incisive, fun show, close to the audience, where the fourth wall of traditional theatre doesn’t exist. The audience is not just passively watching but is part of the show, thus allowing them to enter into Bombinoff’s absurd and crazy universe.
This young company looks to fuse different artistic disciplines, like circus, theatre, and dance, to be able to offer the audience a complete and “frizzante” show.